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Q&A – Contest nerves

Q: “My band is looking forward to getting back to the contest stage but it has been a long time since our last competition performance. How do we manage the nerves in order to give our best performance?” A: What a great question and it’s something on the minds of many competing musicians and bands as continue with a new contesting year. Let’s get one thing straight from the off… feeling…

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Anti-Depressant Prescriptions at an All Time High… But Could Brass Bands be the Best Medicine?

Stats from the NHS from 2020 tell us that SSRIs (anti-depressants) are being issued in record numbers to adults and children. Tabby Kerwin looks at the details and how music making and brass bands could be a great medicine and solution for those experiencing mental distress. In 2020 there were 231,791 prescriptions for the drug issued to children aged between 5 and 16. Just take a moment to absorb that number……

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Q&A – Finding players

Q: “Finding players is very difficult in the current climate but, as a conductor, I feel such a personal responsibility when a player leaves my band. It really affects my mood. How can I manage this sense of guilt and failure?” A: As a conductor, manager or player we feel a responsibility when there are empty seats to fill or players leave and the pressure and stress that come alongside the…

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